Cannonball 2018

2018 Cannonball Panoramas

I’m hoping this video better conveys what the finished print of the 5th Motorcycle Cannonball Run Panorama made just before the official start from Portland, Maine on September 7, 2018 will look like. With over 100 bikes in the photo, the relative size of the standing riders can be quite small so in an effort toward full disclosure; in the 8’ long panoramas, riders are only 1.75” tall, in the 6’ long, they are 1.25” tall, and if the 4’, they are just .75” tall. There is a 1.5” border all around the image, and in the bottom border, we have included the names of each rider in grey type.

8 ft - $173
Without borders: 96 x 5.34
With borders: 99 x 8.34
Approx. ht. of people: 1.75"
6 ft - $126
Without borders: 72 x 4
With borders: 75 x 7
Approx. ht. of people: 1.25"
4 ft - $81
Without borders: 48 x 2.67
With borders: 51 x 5.67
NOTE: Approx. ht. of people: ONLY .75"


2018 Cannonball DVD

The 2018 Cannonball DVD is available with almost 2,500 images made during the event. The images will be burned as JPG files 1,440 pixels in their longest dimension, which works well for slide shows and will yield very high quality 4" x 6" photo album size prints (printing at 240 dpi.) For the 2018 Cannonball DVD, if there are any additional images of the person ordering the DVD, they will be burned to an "extras" folder on the same DVD. To see whether there are any "Extras” of you, just click here and you will be taken to the search page on my site where you can type in your name along with the 2018 Cannonball shoot number of "M180901" and any images of you on the Cannonball will come up.

The color and quality of the images on the DVD will look exactly like those on-line allowing for differences in monitors and the photo credit will be smaller than the on-line version so as to not detract from your prints. Each image is not corrected for best color as they would be for a print order, as this would be nearly impossible given the quantity of images. This DVD is offered for personal use for slide shows, to make prints, for personal web sites and social media pages, for Christmas and greeting cards…. It is intended for use in a computer, and while the computer can be connected to a television monitor, the DVD is not designed to be played back using DVD players. The images are not for commercial use and the DVD should not to be duplicated.

DVD - $179

Almost 2,500 images with photo credit,
for personal use, 1440 pixels each.