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Cross Country Chase Panoramas

2019 Cross Country Chase Panorama before the start in Sault Ste Marie, Wisconsin. Riders names are written in the white border below their likeness in the Panorama. Cross Country Chase panoramas are available in either a four-foot, six-foot or eight-foot width.

4 foot pano $67

6 foot pano $99

8 foot pano $141

Cross Country Chase 2019 DVD

Cross Country Chase DVDs are available with all of the images from the event that can be used for slide shows, to make personal prints from, use for social media and for other personal purposes. The images are burned to a DVD as JPG files 1,440 pixels in their longest dimension which will yield very high quality 4" x 6" photo album size prints (printing at 240 dpi.) For this 2019 Chase DVD, if there are any additional images of the person ordering the DVD, they will be burned to an "Extras" folder on the DVD. You can see if there are any additional files of you (or the person you are ordering this for) by searching the person's name with the keyword "Extra” in the search area of this website. While these images are on-line, they can only be found by searching and are not visible in the public galleries of the event.

The color and quality of the images on the DVD will look exactly like those on-line allowing for differences in monitors and the photo credit will be smaller than the on-line version so as to not detract from your prints. This DVD is offered for personal use for slide shows, to make prints, to share with friends, for web and Facebook pages, for Christmas and greeting cards.... It is intended for use in a computer, and while the computer can be connected to a television monitor, the DVD is not designed to be played back using DVD players. The images are not for commercial use and the DVD is not to be duplicated.


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