The first bike feature I shot for Easyriders was back in 1981, just before opening my own Boulder, Colorado studio the following year (which I still operate out of to this day). In the years since, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting well over 1,000 bike features for Easyriders and other magazines around the world. These have included bikes from the most famous customizers to relatively obscure garage builders who build their bikes for nothing more than bragging rights down at the local bar. As my goal is to show the artistry and talent of the incredible craftsmen behind the machines by showing the bike as clearly and in as much detail as possible, I rarely include models with the bikes and for the most part, shoot them on plain studio backgrounds so the bikes stand on their own merits. The bikes are organized alphabetically by first name in the years they were shot. We will keep loading older bikes moving back through the years as fast as we can.