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The limited edition prints offered on this site are made using the highest quality museum-grade materials available. They are the same as prints we have been exhibiting around the country and overseas. Each print is part of a total edition of 15 to 50 prints (depending on the image) that can ever be made of an image, including all hand-numbered and signed prints 9: x 13-1/2” or larger for black and white, and 12” x 18” and larger for color. Print prices, which start at $530, are based on the print size and the number of unsold prints still available in a particular edition (image). Just click under the enlarged images to see the current prices. Prints are priced and shipped (via Federal Express trackable service) unframed. Framed prints are available for purchase only during exhibitions or from my studio in Boulder due to the difficulty and cost of shipping glass. (We don’t use Plexiglas in framing as we find glass far superior for viewing.) We recommend the prints be taken to a reputable framer or better yet, we can ship them directly to your framer to insure the print is handled properly and framed keeping your taste and hanging location in mind to come up with a unique presentation that works best for you.