EXHIBITIONS - Michael first exhibited his black and white photographic prints of bikers and rodeo cowboys in the late 1970’s, but then after an exhibition of Michael’s photography in Dublin, Ireland was boycotted by the league of decency in 1981, he took a 30-year break in publicly displaying his work. Then in 2001, he started to show his work again as well as organizing, curating and producing an annual exhibitions combining custom motorcycles and motorcycle related art at the Journey Museum in Rapid City. These themed exhibitions moved to the 6,000’ purpose-built gallery at the Buffalo Chip in 2009 where they continue to this day under the name "Motorcycles as Art.” The shows are typically very focused as the bikes were in "The Naked Truth” in 2015 when none of the bikes could have any paint or finish (so you walked in the gallery and saw a sea of raw metal), the all Cafe Racer show "Ton Up” in 2013, the race Inspired "Built for Speed” in 2014 or 2016’s tattoo inspired exhibition "Skin and Bones.” These themes often exclude Michael’s own participation as with "One World Choppers” in 2007 when all participants were born outside the USA or the 2008 "Stay Gold” when you couldn’t earn a living from your craft and more recently, the 2017 "Old Iron / Young Blood” when participants couldn’t be older than 35 years old. He does, however, do a major display of his photography every five years coinciding with the big Sturgis anniversaries (70th, 75th, 80th…) While Michael’s focus remains on shooting the most relevant photography he can, he usually exhibits his work several times a year in galleries and occasionally, at events.