Bikes » 2017 » Brad Gregory De-Raked Evo

Brad Gregory has been obsessed with motorcycles for the last 20 years. His first motorcycle was an old Yamaha dirt bike he bought from a neighbor, despite his mother’s disapproval. From dirt bikes, Brad migrated to street bikes, then while in college in the mid-2000’s, in the middle of the TV-chopper craze, he took a high interest in custom motorcycles. While earning his Mechanical Engineering degree, he had access to all the tools and equipment that he had watched the big name builders on TV use to create crazy, wild custom choppers. Seizing the opportunity, Brad went out and bought a rigid chopper frame and a hot rod Sportster motor and set out to build a chopper, knowing very little about what this entailed. Spending most of his senior year of college in the garage, he started building his first chopper. Through this project he learned so much about building motorcycles, which is mostly accredited to the long list of mistakes made during that first build.

After finishing his first chopper, Brad was ready to build another, this time with more knowledge, more vision, a better eye for design and mechanical prowess. Over the next year (2011) he built his Buell-powered, rigid frame chopper, affectionately known as The Bullet Proof Death Machine. In the last 6 years Brad has taken that chopper all over the country, riding, partying, and making friends all along the way. The circle of friends Brad has been introduced to and included in is a big contributing factor to his "Motorcycles As Art” build.

The motorcycle that Brad built for the "Motorcycles As Art” exhibition is a deraked style chopper. The radical frame and stance of the bike was influenced by the St. Louis style chopper scene he has taken an affinity to. Brad’s philosophy in building this bike was "less is more”. Focusing on only essentials, and not adding anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to the bike…. the definition of a true chopper. The frame, built by Al Emerson, is 11” up, 0” out, with a 25 degree rake. The steep neck angle, paired with the Bling’s Cycles offset triple trees and 23” wheel sets the trail dimension at 4.2”, the exact same as a Harley FXR (one of Brad’s favorite factory bikes). The Evo motor was dressed up with the Led Sled rocker boxes and then mated to the Baker 6-into-4 transmission by way of the open chain primary. The metal fabrication on the bike was done by Joe Skinner and the mind-blowing paint artwork was laid down by Darren McKeag. One key element of this build was the inclusion of his friend’s skills and talents to help Brad complete the bike. Brad would like to thank a long list of his friends who’s craftsmanship is displayed on this build; Bill Dodge, Al Emerson, Pat Patterson, Darren McKeag, Fab Kevin, Joe Skinner, Mike Beland and last, but not least, Brad’s father, John Gregory. Without everyone’s help and encouragement the bike would never have gone from a vision to a reality.

Instagram: @brad_gregory10