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Description: Martin Carlgren (holding the Moon Hubcap) of Ringo Chop Shop in Gothenburg, Sweden got the top prize for invited builders to Born Free that included a round trip ticket for his bike and himself to the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show as well as a $6,000 check for his 1947 SRM (Swedish Racing Motor) 1,000 cc chopper with a completely hand-fabricated engine based on an old Husqvarna Motorcycle design that he built for the show and for which he did the final assembly in Jeff Leighton and Dave Polgreen's The Wretched Hive Santa Ana, CA shop just before the start of the show. Born Free 9 Motorcycle Show at Oak Creek Ranch. Silverado, CA. USA. Saturday June 24, 2017. Photography ©2017 Michael Lichter.