Intermot - Part II

Oct 13, 2016

Please excuse my absence - I was off for my first visit to the Intermot motorcycle trade fair in Cologne, Germany and there was so much to do, see and photograph that there was little time left for sleep, let alone posting. The show was great and like other European trade fairs I’ve been to, it was very dynamic in the way it has something for everyone. Of course, there are the manufacturers big product "unveils,” but I was there also to see what they were doing with custom which they had in its own dedicated hall the size of a major convention center in the States. (They had 5-other halls just for the newer product!) When you understand that the big players, like BMW, build 22,000 square foot booths, you can begin to understand the sheer size of the whole. This being said, I’ll come back in the coming days to the AMD World Championship of bike building show, some of the very cool vendors, and did I mention the amazing parties they throw! Today I will just show how they added a racing element right on the show grounds, with 2-different Sprint Racing series, the Essenza series on Saturday and the Sons of Sprint on Sunday. What a great addition to any show!

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