My Exhibition at Intermot

Oct 5, 2016

If you are coming to the huge Intermot fair here in Germany, please stop by my display of 35 framed Limited Edition prints next to the stage in Hall 10a. Imagine the filled 6 Halls, each the size of a big convention center in the USA, all devoted to motorcycles, and one entire hall (10a) devoted just to custom where they will also be holding the 12th AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Also imagine more than 200,000 visitors to a motorcycle show, and that’s what they’ll have here in Cologne. When I’m not out photographing the event, I’ll be at my display hanging, so please come by and say hello if you are here. I look forward to meeting new people, old friends and chatting about my photography. Thanks to the invitation of the promoters, this is my first trip to Intermot and I’m looking forward to what it has to offer and sharing this with you in the coming days. The show hasn’t opened to the public yet, so for this post, I want to thank Garrett Stanley who while assisting me in June at Austin’s ROT, he took these photos.

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