"Ramble On", Chaos Cycle's Blue Evo

Oct 3, 2016

This 103” Evo custom by George Stinsman is an appropriate post from from Germany in that I just ran into George and had dinner with him a few minutes ago. He came to Cologne with a bike (all expenses paid!) to show it off in the AMD World Championship competition. It is odd that I met George a year ago today when he brought one of his bikes to my studio considering how he has won so many shows over the last few years and that he is from my native state of NY (that I left 40 years ago.) He is clearly a great builder and it was a pleasure to have him be part of the Skin and Bones exhibition. Here is what he had to say about this bike in his own words:

"Tattoos and custom bikes are very similar in the way you start with a blank canvas (whether it be a sheet of steel or a couple hundred lbs of flesh) modifying it to fit the owners personality, tastes, and lifestyle. On this particular bike we used a lot of Metal engraving (by Otto Carter), Hand tooled leather (by Xian Leather) and paint work with deep shadow work and tonal changes to give an overall sense of what the owners personality is. Marco, like the bike, is a very easy going guy with no need to put up a front of intimidation. That being said, both the owner and the bike will leave you in their wake with either a crack of a knuckle or throttle. The name "Ramble On” not only touches on Marco's free spirit and his perseverance through tough times, it also happens to be the name of his favorite Led Zeppelin song."

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