Riding Backwards

Sept 29, 2016

In case anyone may be wondering how I shot the photos I did on this Motorcycle Cannonball, it was while sitting backwards on the back of a saddle which was piloted by expert rider Dave Przygocki.. We were riding an almost new Road Glide sans saddle bags and with a tour pack that Alan Barsi of Harley-Davidson graciously sent to NJ for us to take coast-to-coast.This year there were 3,304 official miles backwards, which when added to the three prior Cannonballs I’ve completed (3,948 in 2014, 3,956 in 2012 and 3,295 in 2010) gives me 14,495 official backwards (negative?) miles. Of course, I did many more miles going up and down the course for shots as well as occasionally going out to dinner (backwards.) This may very well be a record (that can be documented,) even if I don’t add in the many backwards miles I have at events across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. I have to give it up for the many riders that have helped me out, and none more than Dave since he has had to put up with me saying, "forward a foot”, "right just a few inches”, "back one bike”… for over 10,000 miles. Imagine the stress of trying to avoid potholes and road hazards and keeping more than 1,000 pounds of bike, equipment and riders going down the road with the rubber side down while at the same time, a fairly demanding focused photographer is shouting instructions into your helmet radio (special thanks to Cardo - Scala Rider for setting me up with these) the whole time. Talk about exhaustion! I also want to thank Melissa Shoemaker for her support this year, and then for the photos, South African rider #1 Hans Coertse for the color riding shot and Paul D’Orleans and Susan McLaughlin for the great black and white wet plate tin type image they made of Dave and I in Arizona. (You can see many of their wet plate portraits of the riders on the Vintagent.com)

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