Cannonball Stage 15

Sept 27, 2016

The adventure is over! From the Atlantic to the Pacific, we made it but wow, are we all exhausted! My apologies for being late getting this up, but we left for the airport at 6am and I could hardly keep my eyes open, and considering I made it back on my 34th wedding anniversary, it was best to wait until today to post. Sunday, stage-15 and the final day certainly wasn’t a cakewalk, as they designed into the route a 4,000’climb just after we left Palm Desert. Can you imagine what that was like for these old bikes, and especially for the Class-1 single-cylinder single-speed bikes! Then for good measure, we went through a bit of a sandstorm just before the Temecula Harley-Davidson lunch stop and there was more highway and city traffic to confound these old bikes. Feelings ran high at the finish. Most felt absolute joy at crossing the line, but at the same time, most felt totally beat up as well. The Cannonball is tough on rider and machine and it showed. I was so exhausted that Catherine said I look awful and that she has never seen me look so tired, despite countless all-nighters I have done over the years.I hope you have enjoyed the photos I have posted here over the last few weeks. I appreciate you coming to visit my page and I’ll continue posting more Cannonball images here and there, but I like everyone else, I am getting back to the modern world. I leave for Intermot in Germany this Friday and have plenty other events scheduled through the end of the year. In a couple of months, my new website will go live and you’ll be able to browse the entire Cannonball photo collection at your leisure (I’ll announce the launch here on Facebook.) A very big special thanks to my incredible rider / pilot Dave Przygocki who had my life, & that of the riders we rode so incredibly close to, in his hands as I sat backwards behind him looking through my lens for the last 15 days. Melissa Shoemaker gets a big shout-out for her help with logistics and turning around my images despite her own lack of sleep. Harley-Davidson was awesome with their help as they sent a great new Road Glide to Atlantic City for Dave and I to ride all the way to California and it worked perfectly every single mile.

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