Daytona - Part II

Mar 19, 2017

Friday was another great day in Daytona and the warmest day of the week! Here are some more photos from the past few days including fun times at the Iron Horse Saloon, the Cycle Source show at the Broken Spoke, a party over at Bill Dodge’s shop and the annual Wednesday cole slaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch. One of the most fun moments was definitely when custom bike builder Big Joe Lingley of New Hampshire got challenged by a multi-year wrestling champion (female) to a tangle in the slaw to which Big Joe promptly undressed to his skivvies. It was quite the match but Joe spared no mercy figuring he better not take any chances. He emerged a slaw covered champion - probably the first male to ever have a round in the Cabbage Patch slaw pit and one that should earn him a plaque on the bar wall! See lots more of my work on Harley-Davidson Facebook page the 32-page special on Daytona in an upcoming Easyriders Magazine.


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