Russian Bike Show - Part I

Apr 25, 2017

What a long trip from Colorado to Moscow, Russia but it was worth it to be a guest judge and to photograph the "Custom and Tuning Show” for the second time. With all the politics back home, it seemed I was on a peace keeping mission, but nothing of the sort. Everyone here is so welcoming and the biker scene so vibrant. There was a great turn out for the show on Saturday and I’m sure Sunday will be as busy. The nights of incredible food and drink have been equally awesome, which of course means that the one thing there isn’t much of is sleep (it is after 4am now!) Thankfully, my old friend and incredible assistant for this trip Jonathan Pite has been making it easy for me by doing an outstanding job as he did last night again. The full bottle of vodka ("wodka”) that was brought to the table was killed didn’t kill me. Unfortunately for Jonathan, there wasn’t much left of him when he woke up! The flavor of the show reflects where we are, and while there may be a Rockabilly band playing, line dancers dancing and plenty else that is more than recognizable, there is still the wonderful flavor that is uniquely Russian. This wouldn’t have come to pass nor been a fraction of the fun without my hosts, show organizer Dmitry Khitrov and his lovely wife Natalie along with their good friend Vasily Kostin, who has been helping out. They’ve kept us in good humor and big fun from the show to the clubs and Red Square! Thank you so much for your hospitality!

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