Russian Bike Show - Part II

Apr 26, 2017

The final day of the Moscow Custom and Tuning Bike Show had the added excitement of the 3pm awards that I was happy to have helped with, but before that, there was all the fun as can be expected. The lady on the police bike is truly a Moscow police motor cop that as pretty as she may look, I’ll bet she can be as mean as she has to be! My good friend Dmitry Khitrov did an excellent job producing all the details of this huge endeavor when you think it isn’t just a custom bike show, but he has to deal with all the big manufacturers as well, from Harley-Davidson, Triumph and BMW to sponsors like the City of Moscow and then he still has to get his XXX frame on stage with a big smile to present the trophies. Just to mention a couple of the great bikes - the first place went to 29 year old Dima Golubchikov of Moscow for his Jawa 500 cc 1982 with it seamlessly fused 1967 BSA transmission and then Vladimir Romanov got 2nd place for his Leecolnhotrods for his 1978 Harley 80" Shovelhead with its engine deeply hand-engraved by a young Siberian artist. Then what a way to cap a day than for my friend Vasily to take Ela, Jonathan (Yes the sod is still drinking Wodka for me!!!) and me up to Anastasia’s amazing apartment for a view of the city at sunset.

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