Rocky Mountain HOG Rally - Day 3

Jun 10, 2017

RIDE - RIDE - RIDE! It didn’t make a difference whether they rode from the coast or from the 4-Corners, that’s what the riders that came to the Rocky Mountain Regional HOG Rally here in Steamboat Springs, CO came to do. I asked a few riders to head up to Baggs, WY for lunch and 40 people showed up. It didn’t matter that most didn’t know each other, they rode like a single cohesive pack and we had an incredible time on the road and at lunch, getting back to Steamboat in time for a HOG bike show and street party with live band and free beer on a downtown street the city graciously closed for us. I’m sure it's the riding, but this crisp mountain air at nearly 7,000’ doesn’t hurt to get everyone in the best of spirits.

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