Last Day - Biketoberfest 2017

Oct 23, 2017

"Sons of Speed” took up most of my day Saturday but it wasn’t the only thing going on. I did stop by Main Street before heading to the track and it was busy. Not a Bike Week March busy, but still plenty of bikes riding through. Then after the great races, I went to Destination Daytona, which was packed for the free concert with Jackyl and where Jesse James Dupree put on another great performance (as Jesse suggested, this may be looking like an annual event!) From Destination, it was a short hop over to the Iron Horse, where the California Hell Riders were getting ready to put on their last show of the day in the Wall of Death before Mustang Sally took to the stage and where a lot of other people with the same idea of wrapping up their time in Florida at this classic watering hole also appeared. I was heading over too the amazing new Ace Cafe Orlando Sunday morning before leaving, but of course, Sunday is still a strong day at Biketoberfest for those that hung around. See more of my work in my Easyriders’ Biketoberfest feature in about 6-weeks.

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