Matt Olsen's 1946 WR Bobber

Nov 7, 2017

Master builder (and all around great person!) Matt Olsen built this 1946 WR bobber for the "Old Iron-Young Blood” exhibition in Sturgis. What a classic! I’ve shot a few of the bobbers Matt built over the last ten years when he ventured beyond the perfect restorations and accurate rebuilds that he and his Dad steadily put out from their "Carl’s Cycle” shop in Aberdeen, and this is as good as it gets. He melded the engine into a 1942 WLA frame and along with a melange of other ingredients (WR left case, WLDR right case, ’46 cam cover, new oil pumps, Pop-Up pistons, WR manifold, KR carburetor) created this race-ready mutt.

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