Justin McNeely's "Space Cowboy"

Nov 11, 2017

I love Justin McNeely’s "Space Cowboy” Shovelhead! It’s tight, compact and looks like itwould be a blast to ride! (hint-­hint Justin!)33 year old Justin has been around motorcycles and hot rods his whole life and then about 8­years ago he started building custom bikes on his own. Yamahas, Hondas or Harley’s, it never matters to him. He "wanted to make sure this Shovel not only looked tough, but it was also able to go fast and stop fast” as the bike he was building for my "Old Iron ­ Young Blood” exhibition at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. This 17th annual exhibition (called Motorcycles as Art for 10­years now) had its site on the up and coming"Millennial” generation, and Justin was a great representative who could say "look what we are doing.”


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