The Black Gypsy

Nov 17, 2017

The "Black Gypsy” is a new Shovelhead project from up and coming builder Josh Allison of Colorado. After finishing this 4th complete build while also working full time at Mike Detwiler’s "The Forge” Hot Rod shop in Forth Collins for the last few years, Josh ventured out on his own this past summer and opened Cry Baby Cycles. He has been busy since the doors opened and received instant kudos in the form of a builder invitation to Born Free 10 next June. Hopefully, I will get to shoot the amazing Knucklehead he is already working on for the occasion. Black Gypsy moved to its new home in Northern Wyoming where it is owned by Steve Holwell. Steve isn’t a little guy, but do check out the photo with his two sons by his side. He can clearly go anywhere in the world with that kind of protection! Watch for the full story on this bike in an upcoming issue of Easyriders Magazine where it will be featured.

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