The S&S Tramp

Nov 22, 2017

"Tramp” - This isn’t a look alike (yes I photographed that one 3-years ago.)This is the real deal and Daddy of them all (and certainly, the bike that gave birth to S&S Cycles). George Smith took his wrenches to these nuts and bolts and tucked into this very saddle. If only metal could speak, but then I think it did speak to me in my studio last week. Down the drag strip and on the salt, everything got tested on this beastly 92ci Knucklehead with it’s handmade pistons and cylinders, chain driven mag and twin Riley race carbs. This baby set all sorts of records year after year and race proven products were sold through S&S. And then it disappeared! Years went by before it was found (& purchased) out of Chicago by Jesse James. More recently, this historic bike again changed hands to Gary Wattis who was kind enough to bring it into my studio so I could marvel in its presence and record it’s weathered glory for all to see. Watch for the full feature and great story in Easyriders Magazine.

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