Chris Graves' "Flimsy Witch"

Dec 4, 2017

Chris Graves told me how he still appreciates what can be done with only simple means and that’s how he likes to build a bike. You can see this Harley-Davidson engineer has plenty of passion for what he does with this 1959 Harley-Davidson FL he calls "The Flimsy Witch” that he chopped for the "Old Iron - Young Blood” exhibition at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip last summer. The 14” over Denver’s Choppers Springer was perfect to complement the look and check out the details like the neck of this up-stretched Wishbone frame. As Chris told me, "it just fills a spot in your brain and heart when you make something with your own hands and I can’t imagine it any other way,” and perhaps you can say it may do the same in just looking at the finished product!

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