Shops in Japan

Dec 14, 2017

The good news for today is I didn’t end up in a Japanese jail (which apparently can happen without trying to hard!) With the help of Kaz and Nizomi, we drove to shoot Hide’s Shovelhead at his Hide Motorcycles in Kawasaki, Yoji Kikuhara’s Flathead at Bootleg Motorcycles in Kawaguci and Masato (Morry) Ikumori’s S&S Knuckle at Stoop also in Kawaguci. The greater Tokyo area seems to be endless with these cities running from one into another without delineation so finding a location can be difficult, particularly to get a shot of Morry’s Knuckle since it was already dark when we got to his shop. We found one good looking location with a building lit up well, but then my hosts politely suggested that the gangsters that own what was apparently the house of prostitution in the background (I had no idea) may not take kindly to this and may appear rather suddenly with a group of thugs. After about 15 minutes of searching, we found a barely used single lane side road that looked promising. A number of bicyclists rode past and then when each of the several cars that came by approached, we had to move the bike and the light we had set up, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for anyone. UNTIL as I was tweaking the shot, a young passerby got crazy angry and called the police on us. After losing a good hour of standing around in disbelief, the police, who were extremely nice in the end, said no problem and we left with only the single test frame to remember the situation by. This one isolated person makes me think of the saying my dad said until the day he died, "The Rules Take Over When the Brains Give Out!”

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