Shops in Japan II

Dec 14, 2017

Heading north from Tokyo, we landed at Koji "Hammer” Hamada's "Hammer Sycle” shop where he does amazing work with old engines, especially Knuckleheads. Five years in a Cali HD shop honed his mechanical skills as well as his English, which helps with the hunt for old bikes and then rebuilding them to the demands of other top Japanese builders that he often sells to. His latest creation unveiled at Mooneyes is a race inspired 1941 Knucklehead custom that he wants to take to the Race of Gentlemen. Out of this same shop, he also runs his” Hardly-Driveable” brand of cool apparel that sells in his and other shops around Japan (and available on-line to the USA through From Hammer’s, we went straight to Cherry’s Company, a must-stop for me on every trip here. Kaichiroh "Kross” Kurosu is an incredible craftsman that I can count on for releasing a unique creation every Mooneyes as he did this year with a new Panhead (and a handmade girder front end that turns like soft butter!) We had a special treat in that Cristian Sosa was at Cherry’s with his crew doing final assembly of one of his power hammers that he brought over the pond specially for Kross. I’m extra curious to see how this new tool with its capabilities may affect the look of the next few customs coming out Cherry’s! One more stop, at that was to the offices of Hot Bike Japan to visit Shin Ikeda who then hosted Kaz, Nizomi and me for a wonderful Japanese dinner at a special little restaurant (seating just for a dozen people.) Of course, it was awesome - thank you Shin!

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