Shops in Japan III

Dec 14, 2017

"Sure Shot” in Chiba Prefecture northeast of Tokyo was the site of my last Japanese shop visit. Owner Takuya "Taku” Aikawa was formally trained as an industrial designer, but rather than going to work in the design department of Toyota or Panasonic, he followed his passion and became a mechanic in a motorcycle shop. Then 15 years ago, he opened his own shop, Sure Shot, where they do maintenance and repair of customer bikes, "light” customs, cafe racer kit parts and one major custom a year to show at Mooneyes. As Taku explained, he believes "the engine is the most important part of any bike” and "you have to understand every part of a Motorcycle to build a good custom bike. If I just did metal work, it wouldn’t be a good bike” and from every indicator, Taku knows his stuff! To squeeze every last bit out of this trip, we loaded up his new Mooneye’s Shovelhead (with its through the tank shifter) as well as last years grey Knuckle and stopped on the side of the road to shoot it on the way to the airport. After repacking all my gear right there, we hustled to the airport just in time for my flight. We’re already talking about next year and making a "Sure Shot Sunday Fun-Day” ride to see some of the pretty scenery around Chiba.


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