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Motorcycle Events

Motorcycle is on line courtesy of the folks at the Motorcycle Events Association in Pierre, SD. They also put out Motorcycle Events Magazine but I am listing them under events because their web site has an excellent events calendar. It includes a search function, dates of events, sponsors, phone numbers and details.

The Sturgis Rally, I've been to more of these than any other rally, 20 years worth now. This is where to go when you decide to go to the Sturgis Rally and need to know the schedule or see if there is any chance of getting a room within 100 miles; There seems to be an official Sturgis site as well as an unofficial Sturgis site Both are very good and full of information

The Laconia Rally in New Hampshire is also one of my favorites. My longtime friend Charlie St. Clair, who I met camping in Sturgis City Park in 1979, has been the executive director for quite a few years. He has done a great job promoting this rally and I give him a lot of the credit for it growing as it has the last few years.

Daytona’s spring bike week has been a tradition since 1937 when the Daytona 200 was first run. The race was originally run on a course that took riders north on the sandy beach, through a tight turn onto the paved road for the trip south and a tight turn back onto the beach to start the loop again. By 1961, the race was moved onto the speedway that had just been built. Of course, where there was a race, there was a party and that is how bike week go started. When I first started going in 1982, there were still sand drags on the beach by Ponce Inlet, there was no charge to ride the beach, Beach Street was a dead part of town and you could still party at the Iron Horse downtown. A lot has changed but it is still one of the main events. You can get lots of good information at the official site Another site for bike week is

Biktoberfest in Daytona Beach Fl. After almost 20 years of shootng the March bike week, October 2000 was my first Biktoberfest and it was great. It was just like I heard; all of the same things to do as bike week in March, it is just a lot easier to get around. The weather was also just right.

Loveride; the fund raising one day ride put on by Glendale, CA. H-D every November that attracts many celebrities and more than 20,000 participants.

Laughlin River Run every April, Laughlin, NV., This event can seem a bit like a trade show at times but it can be fun being on the Colorado River as it goes through the middle of a dessert. There are some street drags at the Avi Hotel and they don't have the police road block into the old gold mining town of Oatman.

The Four Corners Iron Horse Motorcycle Rally takes place each year in Ignacio, Colorado, near to where four states, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, meet each other at a single point. This little town in the middle of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation lights up each year as 30,000 bikers converge there for labor day weekend. Ben Nighthorse Campbel has been a big supporter of this rally working hard since it's inception to make it a success which it clearly is now.

The Run for the Wall converges on Washington, DC each Memorial Day week-end from separate rides, from all over the country. It is a very moving experience to ride that last stretch from the Pentagon to the wall with tens of thousands of motorcycles. As for emotions though, it is easily topped by what you experience as you walk along the wall . This is a great event I reccommend for everyone. I am anxious to go back myself.

The Hollister biker Rally each 4th of July week-end in Hollister, CA started up in 1997. There wouldn't be an event if it weren't for what happened there back in 1947, or if Marlon Brando hadn't immortalized it in t"The Wild Ones" but what the heck, it's a good excuse for a get together. I haven't made it to this event yet but it looks like fun.

It has been twenty years since I was at the Isle of Man TT races and I still consider it one of my favorite events. There is nothing like it in America. What I remember the most is the fast bikes, the great pubs at what seemed like every corner, the great beer (love that bitter) and the incredibly unique character of the event. It all started in back in 1907 and I believe it is the oldest continuously run race in the world. Try to make some time in early June. Their site tells it all.

I haven't been to the Memorial Day week-end Am-Jam event in Cobleskill, NY since the mid-80's but from what I hear, it has grown and has become quite the event. Details are on their web site. 2001 should be my year to go back.

Custom Bike Builders / Custom Harley Shops
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Who can dispute what Arlen Ness has done for custom bike building, this is a big site packed with parts, bikes and information; Click here to see Arlen's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Jesse James has done it again. What a great site. Lowriders do donuts right on your screen and there is some funny stuff in snapshots. Jesse has great bikes and great product to offer. I hope you caught the special on him on the Discovery Channel; Click here to see Jesse's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Billy Lane builds rigid choppers with an attitude at his Choppers Inc. shop in Melbourne, FL. I had the pleasure to shoot a Shovelhead of his (and to meet Billy and his entourage) at the Easyriders Charlotte show in 2000. In Sturgis, I saw an unpainted Panhead in front of the Broken Spoke that blew me away. If I could have found Billy, I would have dragged it into my Sturgis studio to shoot as is. We will all be hearing and seeing a lot more of Billy over the next few years. Check his work out in my builders/ celebrity section or go directly to his site by clicking here Click here to see Billy's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Eddie Trotta is a wonderful builder whose work I have followed for the last few years. Because he is out of Florida, I don't have many opportunities to shoot his bikes but I love to shoot them when I can and hope to shoot more. Besides, Eddie is a wonderful, easygoing guy, always with a smile on his face. Click here to see Eddie's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Jim Nasi has been building beautiful customs for years but after a few seasons on the Camel Roadhouse circuit, he has become much more visible. More visible but no louder, he is still one of the quietest, and humblest builders around.

Paul Yaffe has come on strong these last few years. After back to back wins at the Oakland Roadster Show, he was ready to storm the bike world, and he has. He has a lot of style that comes out in all of his projects, not only in his bikes but also in his catalogue and web site too. Then after we think we’ve got Paul all figured out, he changes direction midstream. Keep your eye on him for things to come. And I see on his web site, a reasonable priced copy of his famous Prodigy bike is available, but you won’t be able to ride this one; it’s available from Hot Wheels! Click here to see Paul's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

I see Ron Simms' bikes all over the country. You can hear the Simms clan coming down the road in a big group. They can look pretty serious but they are definately out having fun. Ron builds customs for himself and customers and he sells parts so you can build them yourself. Be sure to check out the big motor he has been selling. I was pleased to hear Ron is still running the business out of the same shop he was in back in 1988. It has lots of character just like Ron does.

David Perewitz has been a master builder since I first met him twenty years ago. I get to shoot his bikes on the rare occasion that we are in the same city when I have a studio and he has a new build. That usually happens in Sturgis and for the last few years, it seems to be the bikes he has been building for NASCAR drivers and owners that he has built a close relationship with. Click here to see Dave's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Cyril Huze has been building custom bikes, many with themes, out of Boca Raton, FL for a number of years. I have photographed several of his creations and have had the pleasure of riding with him from Phoenix back to Colorado. One thing you sense about Cyril very quickly is his passion for building bikes.

I've shot some of Pat Kennedy's exotic bikes in my studio in Sturgis over the last few years. If he and his wife, Brook, ended up in Colorado instead of Tombstone a few years ago like he considered, I probably would have shot a few more. His bikes tend to be radical, just like Pat. Brook looks pretty wild herself when she's on one of their 20" over creations. Click here to see Pat's page here in Michael Lichter's site.

Barry Cooney is a great builder out of California but unfortunately, I haven't shot any of his bikes, yet. He says I'll get one when I'm in Sturgis and I hope I do. In the mean time, you will have to check out some of the many magazines that have featured his custom bikes over the last decade or contact him directly. You can call him at (760) 745-9442 or e-mail him at

Mitch Bergeron's bikes are very representative of what I consider a Quebec style. The attention to detail is unsurpassed, particularly when it comes to paint. I have shot two inch areas of his bikes, even areas under the frame or otherwise hidden just because there is so much to see.

Russ Tom has been a pleasure to know. He is always trying to help in any way he can. If I need a bike to shoot a model on or a group of ten people to go out riding, he makes it happen. Of course I sometimes have to go into his basement apartment to roust the bunch after a hard night (on vacaation, right?) the night before but he manages to get it together. Whether he is building a wild full body like "Baluga" or another great bar hopper, you can count on it not only looking great but it will sound great. Russ runs Downtown Harley Davidson which he owns with his dad, Carmen Todd.

Custom bike builder Rick Doss has a site that is a large on-line catalogue of parts that he has designed. There is a gallery with several of his custom bikes as well.

2-Wheelers has been a great bike shop for over 25 years.  I have personally known owner Arlin Fatland for more than twenty years, having done photography for his Christmas ads in the early '80's before Harley was enforcing their trademark and also having shot many of his wild customs over the years.  He puts on some great runs including their annual "Rocky Mountain Nut Run" where you can eat all the "nuts" (don't ask) you can.  Be sure to stop in and visit when you are in Denver, or in his stores on Main Street in Sturgis or Daytona.

Misc. Motorcycle Sites and On-line Magazines
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Chopperwire Online Magazine and Chopper Empire These online magazines from Melissa Komowski feature exclusive interviews, biker forums, contests, chopper gear and more. Melissa has built these sites out of a labor of love and a love of choppers.

Bandit's Bikernet site. Feature Fiction by Bandit, product reviews, some event coverage, sales.

Easyriders Online, an online version of Easyriders Magazine

Motorcycle Consumer News is an informational site, as they say, "Just the facts. No Advertising, No hype, No BS."

The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) is a wealth of info

Dirty Ernie is one of my oldest friends. Many of you have seen his photographs in different magazines and connect him with his Beatrice, NB. byline, particularly in In The Wind Magazine. His site is as quirky as he is.

Biker Eddy has a site, the World Wide Biker Web with loads of links on it. I found it helpful in planning a trip to the Czech Republic. There are links to clubs all over the world as well as manufacturers / suppliers and biker events.

Big Daddy Rat's Rats Hole Show has been a well attended event for years in Daytona and Sturgis. As of March 2000, I believe the Daytona show is at the best venue it has ever had inside a water world. Big Daddy attracts some of the most unique motorcycles made anywhere, and I mean anywhere. They come from all over including Europe and Japan. Itís also a great place to look at people!

Harley Shops
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Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson is back in Littleton, CO where it got started many years ago. I've known Vinnie "the Blade" and some of his crew like Ron and Tall John for almost 20 years. We photographed a little deal on his shop when they took down the old AMF sign after the motor company got bought back. They also had some great parties for the 4th of July and other occassions. Things have changed in that they have one of, if not the most, spectacular dealerships in the country but one thing hasn't, they are still a great group of people down there and always trying to help. They have a big web site as dealerships go. Tel: 303-703-2885.

Downtown Harley Davidson in Tukwilla, WA outside Seattle gets a listing here as a Harley shop even though it appears above for Russ Tom's custom bikes that come out of the same location. Russ built a new shop recently and from the looks of the pictures on his web site, it is quite a facility. Tel: 206 243-5000

Motorcycle Art, Photography and Museums
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The Barber Museum in Birmingham, AL houses 38 Harleys (a number that is growing quickly) from their collection of 650 motorcycles. A number of their bikes were loaned to the Gugenheim Museum in New York City for the exhibition, the "Art of the Motorcycle" (What a great show that was!)
Cruisin' Goods; Mike Mayers site of motorcycle (and other) art. He even has a section on my photographyl.

Segal Fine Art has the exclusive Harley Davidson license for the art market. Originally they seemed to work with Scott Jacobs, who was doing photo realistic paintings of Harley Davidsons. Scott's work has been changing and he doens't only do photorealistic work now. Segal's group of artists has grown over the last few years. They represent several artists including David Uhl whose work I got to see up close when I did a story on him for VQ Magazine. WOW!

The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles is run by the LA County Museums. I was there for a great motorcycle exhibit several years ago. Hopefully, they will continue to show bikes there.

Wheels Through Time Museum of Vintage Motorcycling is a collection of more than 100 privately owned motorcyles tied in with Dale's Harley Davidson in Mount Vernon, Illinois. I have only seen pieces from their collection at various events and they are beautiful. The museum is free to the public. Their web site as some good info on Harley Davidson history.

Aftermarket Parts
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Joey Perse of Perse Performance has put an incredible company together in just a few years. His product is being used by many of the most famous builders. His front ends are where he got his start but he is producing a lot more than that now. I have been to his plant and it is quite the operation. Coming from aerospace and computers, the place looks like one big clean room and from the looks of some of the unique pieces he was cutting for those other industries, you know his tolerances must be the tightest in the business. No wonder he feels he has earned his slogan "a world above the rest."

To see the latest products from Custom Chrome or find the nearest dealer selling their parts.

S & S Cycle has been around for many years making high performance carburetors and engine parts for American motorcycles. I'm sure they have many "firsts" to their credit but I was thrilled to have the S&S sponsored drag bike that was the first to break the 200 mph barrier on the strip in my studio for a photo shoot. Their web site has some tech tips as well as details about their offerings.

Mid-USA, offers over 9,000 parts for American made motorcycles. It is also the place to get Larry Curik's gas powered bar stool if you decide to take up the sport of bar stool racing.

J&P Cycles has been in business for over 20 years. You see them at an incredible number of events giving away there big, fat catalogue. Its free if you live in Canada or the USA and you can order it through their web site.

Check out Perry Kime's Flo Head Works site.He has a great little chart called the "Fun to Ride Guide" and the site is all about practical performance for your HD. He has been in the business for a long time and knows his stuff.

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Harley Davidson, Inc., The Daddy of them all. This is a great site and the one and only official site for the motor company. There is a lot to see here.

Indian Motorcycle Company's site shows their current model offerings and what is to come.

Big Dog Motorcycles out of Wichita, KS seem to have done well with their line of big Twins. They loaned me a bike to test ride which was a lot of fun. I also came into contact with them through the wonderful Miss Easyriders, Lori Kutter, who was also their spokesperson. If Lori was working for them, you knew they're stylin' and have class.

Buell Motorcycles are for you if you are looking for speed. This company has come on strong in the last few years, especially since Harley invested in it. This isn't just for guys either; my friend Donna looks great tooling around on hers.

Ducati Motorcycles have always had a strong mystique and following. It was spectacular how the Gugenheim Museum's show "the Art of the Motorcycle" ended with a prototype of their F4 when it was just being introduced. What a beautiful macine. I have to admit that some day, I want to get on one and take it for a spin so I include it here in case some of you are closet speed demons too.

Victory Motorcycles by Polaris came into the market quietly a few years ago and I have a lot of respect for them because of it. While I haven't ridden one, I did shoot a demo in Sturgis and it sounded great. Arlen Ness has put his name on it as well by designing a custom bike with one and a line of parts to go on them.

Motorcycle Clubs
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The Sons of Silence have invited me to many of their parties and have always been open to my photographing their members. I've have appreciated their help for many years

Non-Motorcycle Links
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The Doobie Brothers are one of the best known, longest lasting motorcycle loving bands around. I've had the pleasure to get to know Pat Simmons and his wife, Cris, and they are great people (with quite a bike collection too.) The drummer, Mike Hossack, and guitartist/vocalist Tom Johnston are also Harley enthusiasts.

Studio Signorella offers Integrated marketing strategy and design for small business, including identity, print, online, packaging, editorial and advertising.

American Frame has some good frames at great prices. I have bought some from them and been quite happy. For our smaller 14x18 matted prints, I like their "Standard" frame in matte black best. Even better, I like their wood frame in the style called "Maple" in the "Cherry" finish. It has a nice warm, deep feel to it and they send it prefabricated. The light "Natural" finish is nice if you want something higher key. It looks more like a natural oiled wood. For our larger limited edition prints, I like their "Standard +1" metal sectional frame in matte black. The metal frames come ready to go together with their standard hardware. All you need is a screwdriver.

Wilhelm Research of Grinnell, IA has done the most intensive research on the archival qualities of photographic materials and prints from other medias. They are devoted in their words to the "research, consulting, and publications on the light fading, dark storage fading, and yellowish stain formation with digital pictorial output materials and traditional photographic color print materials." This is some intense material but important to people like myself and others that sell prints.

Know a good Link If you know of a good link that should be added to this page, please e-mail us. Michael will personally check any site that is added to this page before adding it. Thanks for any suggestions.