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In 1979, there was flat track racing and hill climbs, but there was no drag strip in Sturgis.  If you wanted to see Pete Hill drag race his Knuckle, you had to ride to Belle Fourche.  It was questionable whether they would be racing on this day as th
City Park was the place to be.  There were few options so Sturgis was kind enough to turn the park over to bikers with a laissez faire attitude, so long as what was done in the park stayed in the park and nobody got hurt.  We were all there just to r
A bike, a tent, and the open plains.  You and the elements.  Motorcycling teases us with the freedom to be on the road, stop when and where you want to, and slow down and experience the world first hand.  Janice Joplin comes to mind;
I was impressed.  There was something about the way Lori sat so nimbly on her 500 pound Harley-Davidson, feet barely touching the ground with eyes peering ahead awaiting the green light.  With the crack of her wrist, she lifted the front end off the
People relate to the world through the things they do.  When Easyriders published a group of photos I took of a bike club riding around New York City back in 1981, bikers seemed to notice it.  Maybe it was because they weren't as common in the city t
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